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Financial Frontiers specialises in distressed asset, special situations and growth investing. Our primary focus is to seek lucrative investment opportunities at acceptable risk levels.

We balance the risk and return of each project by evaluating the potential company’s

(1) Competitive Advantage

(2) Growth Potential

(3) Management Team

(4) Exit Strategy.

We prefer to participate in brown field investments and expansion-stage companies whose management treats us fairly as minority investors. Our deal size ranges from S$500,000 to S$10 million. We accept flexible investment methods and structures, focusing on alignment of interests with investee companies.

We actively help investee companies in restructuring and re-organizing their operational framework for superior efficiency and effectiveness in their business operations. We are a big proponent of good corporate governance practices as we believe it is the key driver of good company performance. We will actively promote such practices in our portfolio companies, enabling fast and smoother growth when our principles are aligned. Should the need arise, we will advise our investee companies in capital requirement planning, business development strategies and public listings.